Diammonium phosphate (DAP)

Diammonium phosphate (DAP) is a concentrated fertilizer with high phosphorus and nitrogen content. It can be applied directly to soil or as a mixture with other fertilizers. DAP can be applied to all soil types. The best effects are achieved when applied prior to sowing.

Chemical formula (NH4)2HPO4

Diammonium phosphate is a granulated fertilizer, with granules in size 2-5 mm (min. 95%). Granules can be white, grey or black (with tones). DAP contains 18% of nitrogen in ammonia form and 46$ of phosphours as ammonium phosphate (exact formula can differ slightly depending on producer) Ammonia nitrogen is not leached from soil, is slowly uptaken by plants and facilitates phosphorus uptake, limits excessive uptake of potassium. Phosporus form is easy available for soil, also in water deficiency conditions. DAP is a commonly used universal fertilizer which can be applied for field crops and for vegetables and in orchards.

Parametres Nitrogen, % (m/m) 18
Phosphorus, % (m/m) 46 ± 1
Water, % (m/m) not more than 1,8 - 2,0

PE bags 50 kg
PP big-bags 500 kg 

Transportation The fertilizer should be transported in the means of transportation which protect the product from the action of water, precipitation, direct sunlight and damage to the packaging. The fertilizer is not subject to RID or ADR regulations.

Ammonium Phosphate should be stored in dry, clean and well ventilated roofed compartments with moisture-proof foundation in the piles up to 10 layers of bags a50kg. Big-bags weighing up to 500kg may be stored in up to 3 layers. It must be protected from moisture. Ammonium Phosphate is non-toxic, non-flammable, without specific smell. Fertilizer dust may cause irritation of skin, mucous membranes and to eyes. It is recommended to use dust-mask and eye protection measures. In case of accidental ingestion one should consult the physician.

Usage DAP can be applied for all field crops, grassland and in gardens and orchards. For the best effect DAP should be applied prior to sowing mixed with soil at the depth of ca. 20cm under the ground. It is recommended to use it in early Spring mainly for winter crops. DAP gives optimal effects when applied with potassium chloride with which it can be mixed at any time. Directly before spreading it can be also blended with urea, ammonium nitrate and CAN.
Recommended doses Crops Recommended dose (kg/ha)
Winter cereals 20 - 30
Spring cereals 20 - 30
Rapeseed 45 - 55
Potatoes 30 - 40 (for 10t bulbs)
Sugarbeet 35-45 (for 10t roots)
Fodder beet 17-27 (for 10t roots)
Maize for silo 35-45 (for 10t green matter)
Maize for grain 20 - 30
Lupine 40 - 50
While calculating dosage of the fertilizer one should take into account such factors as current soil analysis, its quality class and agronomical category, average yield per hectare in recent years, forecrop and the use of other nutritional components.

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